Boom Beach astuce for building a village

hey guys.

Today I did a reset on one of my Boom Beach accounts, to show you guys how this can be done.

Astuce Boom Beach

I started out by generating maximum diamonds only. This is because in the beginning you do not have enough storage to generate stone, iron, wood or gold that actually matters. So what you want to begin with is to go the Boom Beach astuce at, and generate 999999 diamonds, and then build up your resource buildings and all the items needed to upgrade this.

Once this is done, you will go back to the Astuce Boom Beach, and quickly generate new resources, this time you will generate everything. Now you have your storage upgrades whcih means you can have much more resources in your holdings.

Go back to Boom Beach game, and start upgrading all buildings and make a nice little army. Keep in mind that before you attack another player, you will need to have upgraded your defence, because otherwise they will just do a quick revenge attack.

Boom Beach astuce

So after I’ve upgraded all buildings and got a army, this is how my village is looking like.

After this I would go back to the Boom Beach astuce for the 3th time and generate some diamonds, but nothing else. I prefer to have maximum diamonds only, and fight a bit for the rest of my resources. Otherwise the game would be borring in my opinion. But this is a personal choice, which you can do as you like.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little guide on how to use the astuce boom beach.

If any of you forgot where to get access to the boom beach astuce, I added a link below.

Boom beach Astuce

Boom Beach astuce for building a village

Boom Beach Astuce

Hey guys.

Recently I was thinking about starting to play Boom Beach, and I know that I needed a solid start if I wanted to play the game, because it would take months to get anywhere near high level. So I decided to browse the internet abit, and I did only found alot of Boom Beach Astuce which were fake, or didnt worked anymore. Many of the Boom Beach hacks have been patched in a recent update, so I nearly gave up.

Boom Beach Astuce

I browsed a lot of forums where I could find tips and such, but not really anything useful for what I was searching.

Suddenly a guy pm’ed me telling me he knew where I could get unlimited resources for Boom Beach for free. I guess I was thinking “oh well, another virus”. But I was wrong. The guy linked me to a wellknown website who organises some of the best and highest quality hacks for a lot of games. They had both a online generator and a download version. So first I decided to use the online generator, which where working, so I got my start. And I decided to just try out the download version of Boom Beach Astuce which I found working aswell.

I do recommand this to everyone, since Boom Beach Astuce can be hard to find working, and I did everything I could on both, google,, yahoo and more search engines without any luck. However, this site were working and legit. Since then I’ve tried out their Fifa 15 crack aswell, and within 10 minutes of me downloading it, I was actually playing a Fifa 15 game online without any issues.

I found that was created by a lot of previous hired coders, who were coding hacks for serveral online websites who were selling these hacks.

So actually provides paid quality for free.

I will put in a link below:

Boom Beach Astuce

Enjoy the hack, you can use the online generator or the offline. It doesnt really matter, since both of them works!

Boom Beach Astuce